Our services are always closer to the highest European standards by offering the most professional services in the field of metal construction, shelves and many other services that help businesses to be as practical as possible.

Dajti Construxion offers you the idea and follow-up of project implementation for different industrial and non-industrial environments such as:

Markets, supermarkets, shops, locales with:

  • refreshing and freezing counters,
  • high quality shelves,
  • refrigerators and freezers, island and pillars, mural refrigerators,
  • Various counters,
  • Moving customer guidance elements,
  • Baskets, breadcrumbs and fruit baskets, refrigerated rooms, exhibitors, user and display equipment, mannequins, etc.

Warehouse, archives with:

  • light weight shelves up to stacks for pallets
  • Fire protection technology
  • Anti-seismic technology
  • Technology for small area warehouses

Boutiques, pharmacies, etc, with:

  • shelves, exhibitors, tables of various types and numerous accessories for displaying items.
  • Surveillance cameras

Office, library, wardrobe with:

  • metal or non-metallic shelves, cupboards and cassettes of various sizes suitable for archiving.
  • sliding systems for small surfaces as well as for safety elements.
  • Alarm systems for various perfumery products, textiles and liquor stores.
  • Directional systems for shops, supermarkets, events, fairs and conferences.

Other services:

  • Schools and dormitories and other facilities
  • Designing the layout according to the available space for their best use and convenience.
  • Arrangements for any service and spare parts according to EU standards.

Transportation and assembly of equipment according to technical regulations.